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Jenny grew up in Norfolk, near the banks of the river Bure,He was given the name Jenny by his adoptive parents,after a dog of theirs that had died the previous year. Life was hard, he lived with people who did not care for him or about him. But what made life harsher still for Jenny was his name.

The local primary school was a cold place if you were different; a cruel place if you were a boy with a girl’s name. Jenny didn’t make friends easily, in fact he didn’t make friends at all. Life was terribly lonely for him with only the great rodents - the coypu- that lived along the river in those days, to play with.

But one day, around the age of 10, something happened that changed Jenny’s life forever. He found a harmonica, forgotten by picnickers and never retrieved. Jenny picked it up and blew. He blew all afternoon, and the next day and he hasn’t stopped blowing since. The Coypu encouraged him to play. They loved the sounds he made and joined in with their ‘moo’ like call.You can hear Jenny’s ‘Call of the Coypu’ here.

Soon Jenny had all the friends he needed. He became increasingly wild and hedonistic and by 15 was selling himself to several women in the village, to make money for his cocaine habit. Constantly in trouble with the law on drugs or decency charges, and yet rarely punished, Jenny began to think that he was charmed. Until he found out who his guardian angel was - his father, Sir Charles Shag-Norton. Wracked with guilt for abandoning his son at birth to the vile farmworkers, Sir Charles eventually welcomed Jenny back into the family as his son.

Now with all the advantages that privilege and money can bestow, Jenny rampaged through every fleshpot on the globe; his appetites were huge and his expenditure enormous. It was during this time that he made several porn films, including Jenny Blown l, Jenny Blown 2 etc. From Thailand to Tissemsilt he was to be found, cocaine and a woman near. But it was Mexico where things finally came to a head, when the drugs boss Jenny had stayed with, spotted his wife in Jenny Blown 18. Jenny’s first phone call home in months ensured his getaway, but the rescue came with strings attached - Sir Charles insisted that Jenny be returned not to his family seat, but to the Stosenstein Clinic, in Switzerland..


Dr Stosenstein comments:

Jenny is a sad case. The loneliness and frustration; the unfairness of his name and of his childhood years, these left a scar so deep that he tries desperately to make up for that time by consuming enormous amounts of drugs and alcohol and focusing on sex to a dangerous degree. Dangerous, yes, two members of staff have reported attempted coitus and three other staff members are currently suspended while we investigate why they were displaying their genitals to him.

Jenny is a deeply disturbed individual: an outsider suddenly an insider; a pauper suddenly a prince; a boy with a girl’s name. Much more work needs to be done before it is safe to let him loose among decent people. His return is imperative.